You most likely have many of these naturally gluten-free foods right in your kitchen already. Naturally gluten-free foods include everything that nature has to offer with the exception of some grains. Gluten is found in these exceptions; wheat, rye and barley. Yet! when we think of what’s good to eat, what comes to mind is fast food and processed foods. Don’t get me wrong, not all processed and fast foods are junk. As with anything, exceptions to these two unnatural food groups can be found if you take the time to shop around. In my ingredient list you’ll find a number of processed foods, because they make cooking fast and simple. Our zest for these two unnatural food groups and our lack of interest in naturally gluten-free foods has sadly – become the norm. Is there any wonder why being diagnosed with having celiac disease is cause for alarm “Oh My God!, what am I going to eat now?”. That being said, if your kitchen is TOTALLY deserted then here’s what you’ll need.

Ingredient List


Coming soon! ingredient list and gluten-free/dairy-free cookbook.


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