It is necessary to cook with naturally Gluten free foods (meats, fish, eggs, poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables). Gluten free cooking will get easier as you go along. Skills learned and techniques adopted over time will ensure this. To avoid cross contamination at home, prepare gluten-free foods separately or make sure you wash all used utensils and cookware before reusing them. Try to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination when preparing to eat foods outside your home, if unlikely simply avoid.


The most popular fast foods today are made from wheat. If you’re presently on a gluten-free diet it should go without saying; breads, cakes, pastas, donuts, pizza crust and beer are all made from wheat. I mention this because some newly diagnosed with celiac disease are unaware of this fact. Meat, Poultry, fish and vegetables that are breaded, floured and or served with sauce made from wheat or marinated in a mixture that contains gluten such as soy sauce should be avoided. Imitation crab meat, soups, cold cuts and candy bars usually contains some hidden source of gluten.


Wheat-free on a label does not always mean gluten-free because of hidden sources of gluten. Listed below are some of the most frequently used hidden sources of gluten in processed foods.

∙ Carmel color

∙ Natural flavoring

∙ Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

∙ Malt, malt flavoring, malt anything

∙ Modified food starch

All the above mentioned hidden sources of gluten can be made from corn. Unless corn is specified in the ingredients list as the source of, that product should be avoided. Read the ingredients list on all foods before purchasing. This will help you educate yourself on how to recognize gluten-free foods.


Gluten-free grains you may not be aware of.

· Amaranth                                                            · Quinoa

· Bean flour                                                           · Rice

· Corn flour or meal                                                · Soy flour

· Potato flour                                                         · Oats

If when shopping you come across a product not labeled as gluten-free and after reading the ingredients listing; you think to yourself “this should be gluten-free”, yet you’re still unwilling to take a chance and buy it. Do not hesitate (if you have a cell phone) call the manufacturer at that moment and erase all doubt.


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